Fall Semester Progress

Week 1-5 Information Gathering

    Exploration of music theory concepts.  Topics include:

        the Tonnetz, Euclidean Rhythms, theory of chord progressions, 

        and the mathematics of musical scales.

    Exploration of many examples of music visualization.

    We considered applying natural language analysis (n-gram analysis) to prediction or generation of notes.

    Technologies that can be used to manipulate and generate music and musical sounds            

Week 6 - 9/30 Beginning of ChucK music programming exploration

    Discovered how to manipulate musical notes and their associated frequencies with the MIDI-related functions in ChucK

    Manipulate and control time in ChucK.

    Create sound with unit generators

    change the timbre of unit generators using parameters and 

Week 7-8 Further Chuck exploration

    Notes and chords represented in arrays and used in functions 

Week 9 Chunity Discovery and exploration

    Connect ChucK and Unity and use ChucK to generate sound within Unity using variables from within 

    the Unity environment


Week 12

    Further exploration of timbres using unit generators and envelopes and an understanding of how 

    musical instruments make sound.